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Spotlight on The Space Cowboy!

Chainsaw juggling, underwater sword-swallowing, fire eating, swimming with sharks- oh my! These are not feats for the faint-hearted, enter The Space Cowboy, a multi-talented, international performer and we haven't even scratched the surface. The Space Cowboy (aka Chayne Hultgren) is  a show-man like no other, with a resume like no other. Holder of over fifty Guinness World Records, is there anything he can’t do? 


Well we don’t think so! Now a big name in the arts scene, we were very lucky to have The Space Cowboy showcase his artwork with us in Christchurch last month. He was a massive hit with the public, and audiences were spellbound by his augmented reality art that comes to life. 

His captivating artistry transcends conventional norms. With a unique blend of electrifying colours and bold brushwork, he explores the juxtaposition of life and death in his creations. His subjects range from mythology to personal experiences, providing a profound connection to universal themes.


In all areas of his art forms, whether that be performing a show or with paintbrush in hand, The Space Cowboy pushes boundaries. He inspires others to challenge the norm, so it is no wonder that he has amassed fans worldwide. 

 Next month at our opening of the Wellington Art Show at Takina, we’re taking it up a notch! 

The Space Cowboy will not only be captivating the public with his abstract expressionism but also with his awe-inspiring stunts. See first hand his impressive talents- how does he do it? This is a unique opportunity also like no other, where guests will also be able to meet The Space Cowboy and see his art come to life. -making our inaugural show in Wellington, a night to remember. 

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