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 Blank walls can feel overwhelming in any space, our answer? Large art! Introducing the power of large art to transform your home. Make an impact with bold colour and clever texture. Achieve a sense of  peace or inspire passion. Evoke memories with stories you will share with loved ones, again and again. Whatever your style or vibe- if comfort is key or aesthetic is everything. Large statement art holds the key to reshape your interior, and reflect your own personal style with simplicity. 


After realising a growing demand for large signature artwork and statement pieces, we have added an exciting new opportunity into all of our shows. Our luxurious venues (highlighted in our previous blog) have given us the space to showcase art on a larger scale. 

And so, we are introducing large double panels that will be set-up to showcase one signature large artwork - each artwork will be 1.5 to 2.0 metres wide/high to make them a feature for any home.


Upcoming in Christchurch,  the public will have their first opportunity to see what our artists have created on a larger scale. This is a must see and your best bet to make sure you’re the first through the doors is to secure VIP or Opening Night tickets. (Be aware that tickets will sell-out.)


We are lucky indeed to have large statement pieces from the likes of  Kaikoura artist, Jane Riley at The Christchurch Art Show 2024. If you’re a regular to our shows, Jane’s work is instantly recognizable and reflects her love of the environment. It is striking, unique, vibrating with flamboyant colour and design. Other art show regulars and crowd favourites exhibiting big with us include, Kate Mcleod, Marie Kjestrup Evans, Bee Doughty Pratt, Bruce Mortimer and Ruth Reid.  We are eager to see statement work by The Space Cowboy aka Chayne Hultgren for the first time. The Space Cowboy is a  recording breaking stunt performer and visual artist. Within his art, dynamic colours collide with expressive brushwork- evoking the intensity of art movements such as abstract expressionism whilst maintaining his own unique style. Also exhibiting with us for the first time is Christchurch based artist, “Dr Suits”aka  Nathan Ingram. As the ARA Fashion Tutor, Dr Suits draws upon his background in fashion to influence his current designs. 


And just for Wellingtonians,  we have included a sneak peak of  ‘Chasing Dreams' by Sophie Gardiner. This statement work (measuring 1.75cm square) will be showcased at The Wellington Art Show this April. 

Sophie creates art that focuses on positivity over adversity. In it is reflected a love of colour, texture, paint, textiles, words, fairy tales, graffiti, music, poetry, Japanese and Egyptian textiles, mythology, nature, living creatures and energies. Her work is naturally vibrant and multi-layered. It takes months to create, as layers of paint, symbols and images come together to finally convey what Sophie wants to say. She has created her own signature character that regularly appears in her work, “Kiko”, which means “Hope” in Japanese. She is always contemplating and still, usually in abstract painterly environments, and sometimes accompanied by a Black Robin. Together they seek comfort and draw strength from each other. 

We are saying goodbye to blank walls in 2024 at Art Shows Across Aotearoa! We are excited to be able to bring you larger art for your homes. And even more excited to be able to give our artists the opportunity to create on a larger scale. We are looking forward to hearing your feedback about this new show feature at our first show of the year, Aotearoa's Largest Art Event, The Christchurch Art Show in only two weeks time! 

Come back soon for more Words of Art!

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